The links to audios on this page include sermons, talks, and lectures by Dr. Tim Keller, as well as audio interviews. Audios are in MP3 format (unless otherwise indicated.)

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Redeemer Presbyterian Church has posted 150 free sermons around the themes of discoverygrowth, and mission [mostly by Tim Keller if not all (?)]. Plus, a catalog spreadsheet of these sermons is listed here (sorted by order of topics and dates so that you could listen systematically)

Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World with Dr. Edmund P. Clowney and Dr. Timothy J. Keller (via RTS Virtual iTunes University, 18 hours in 35 seminar tracks, January 2000); cf. 2002 handout notes via Mark of SoulOfAtlas [via FaithByHearing] and lecture notes by Simon at The Field’s Musings

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2005 and older messages

  • All Things Are Yours (mp3) + Preaching to Believers and Unbelievers (mp3) (2004 Preaching Lectures, Covenant Theological Seminary)
  • Contextualizing Ministry part 1part 2part 3 (Fall 2004 Connect Conference, Covenant Theological Seminary)
  • Significance of J.R.R. Tolkien – lecture presented at International Arts Movement (2002)
  • sermons on Suffering and Tragedy:: Service of Hope – Truth, Tears, Anger and Grace (9/16/01), The Furious Love of Jesus, Praying Our Tears, Praying Our Fears
  • EMA 2000 conference: “Planting Churches: A Gospel Answer” and “The Biblical Pastor (and his idols!)”
  • Q&A Sessions with Tim Keller – listen to over a dozen sessions, answers to questions like: Vocation – 3 parts to discerning a call; Sexual “compatibility”; Our screw-ups and God’s Will; Tolkien’s Imagination and the Transformation of Anglo-Saxon Mythology; Does God forgive sins you continue to repeat; If my fear of punishment is gone, what’s my incentive to live a holy life? and more..
  • Stewardship Resources — includes devotionals, studies, and sermons, including “Radical Generosity”, “Treasure vs. Money”, “Grace and Money”, “Two Men with Money”

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