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The contributors who update this wiki:

DJ Chuang
DJ has a background in technology and theology, now working as a church consultant. He’s been an avid fan of Tim Keller since listening to a set of sermon tapes about marriage from the Redeemer Store. He holds the distinction of launching the 1st Tim Keller fan page in history. More about him at his personal blog @ www.djchuang.com
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Co “Bumble” Ho
Bumble is a bi-vocational pastor wannabe in the OC, So.Cal. He manages IT for a community college by day, and leads the English Speaking Congregation of the Vietnamese Alliance Church at Midway City by night and weekend. He is married to “JHo” and they have a son name Timmy. His personal blog @ http://www.xanga.com/I12know (for blogs relating to Keller:http://www.xanga.com/i12know/tags/TimKeller)
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Kenny Jahng
Kenny brings to the table a background in technology, entrepreneurship and strategic / online marketing. He is working to realizing a vision for the Church which integrates his Columbia MBA and current M. Div graduate work at Princeton Theological Seminary. Kenny lives just out of NYC and has attended Redeemer over the years while living in City. He has also attended Redeemer church plants as well. You can find his latest reflections at www.godvertiser.com
Keller stats: # of times seeing Keller live: 20+ | Redeemer Store: subscriber

Alex Philip
Alex is a high school teacher in Toronto. He teaches senior level religion and philosophy.  Alex writes, “I am married.  My wife and I are expecting our first in June. The truth is that the first time we heard Keller is because my wife had difficulty sleeping.  I had a bunch of John Piper sermons and since he brings the fire, it’s hard to sleep.  But Keller, well, his voice is soothing and calm.  So, she fell asleep and I stayed awake and was floored by the beauty of the gospel which I thought I knew so well! I have a Master’s degree from Canadian Theological Seminary and am going to begin my doctorate in May.”
Keller stats: # of times seeing Keller live: 1 | Redeemer Store: subscriber

Jon Spadino
Jon is an avid fan of Tim Keller’s vis a vis Martin Luther.  I first heard Tim’s name while on a Pastoral search team and we used Tim to find some referred names. My background has been as a layman in the Lutheran Church, CRC, and now The Evangelical Church.  I love Tim’s approach with The Centrality of the Gospel and how he uses the story of The Prodigal Son as the centerpiece for his proclamation of the Gospel. His personal blog is @ centralityofthegospel.wordpress.com
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Paul VanderKlay
My father was an urban church planter in Paterson NJ, 17 miles from NYC. I’m an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church. I was a missionary in the Dominican Republic and currently pastor an urban congregation in Sacramento, CA. I’m involved in church planting and leadership training with CRC Home Missions and the Sierra Leadership Network. His personal blog @http://leadingchurch.com
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Brandon Waltz
Since 1990, Brandon has had the privilege of working with college students at a Christ-centered university in southwestern Ohio. He has been dedicated towards helping students better understand, and effectively communicate to children, teens, and adults, the livable reality of the gospel. He’s administrator for the I can’t stop listening to Tim Keller facebook group.
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Sean Meade
Sean first heard Tim Keller’s distinctive presentation of the Gospel in the late 90s, but it is still sinking in. He is husband of Christine and father of Elizabeth and Wil. Though notably unprepared for anything outside of professional ministry after a Philosophy major, MDiv, and 10 years in the business, he is now a webmaster for a secular company. If you think (almost) everything Tim says is right, does that make you a Keller-idolater 😉 seanmeade.blogspot.com
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