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Access All of Tim Keller’s Sermon Transcripts

via TimothyKeller.com

Since Timothy Keller founded Redeemer Presbyterian Church in 1989, he has preached over 1,200 sermons, all of which have only been available in audio format. This has made it difficult for pastors and laypersons alike to make full use of his biblical exposition in their own studies.

For the first time ever, Logos Bible Software is teaming up with Redeemer to begin transcribing over 20 years of Keller’s sermons to make them available on their multi-platform digital format. The Timothy Keller Sermon Archive will contain 1,233 sermons that are completely searchable, making them easily accessible for study and sermon preparation. With Logos Bible Software, you can read every sermon side-by-side with the text of the Bible and all Scripture passages will be linked to your preferred translation. Additionally, Logos is available for PC, Mac, iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, and Android, making the sermon archive accessible wherever you go.

Due to the scope of this project, Logos is putting the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive through its pre-publication program. For a limited time, users can pre-order the archive at a discounted price of only $199.95 — less than $0.20 per sermon. Once the cost of the project is covered, Logos will begin transcribing the sermons, releasing them in five increments. At the completion of the project, the discounted price will go up.

Visit their website to place your order and learn more about the project. Also check out their software offerings to learn more about how to take your Bible study to the next level.


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